Why The Nokia Lumia 920 Could Be The Phone To Get

The iPhone 5 has been announced, bringing with it iOS 6 and it’s new features. Google is continuing to roll out the jelly beans to more and more devices, yet there are no parties being thrown by users worldwide. RIM continues to pray that BBOS 10 is finished at some point and they can gain back a little of their lost user base. And somewhere in the back of the room, one makes a statement, “It is Finnish.” The world isn’t going to be ready for this statement, but the Nokia Lumia 920 will become a player in the market, and a big player at that.

With it’s dual-core processor, it will impress the tech savvy folks enough to place itself on the radar. It’s MicroUSB connector will continue to work with all those old sync cables and chargers without the need for any adapters. It’s 1GB of RAM will keep the device from bogging down with all those new Windows Phone 8 applications. It’s 32GB of internal storage will hold all the movies, music and photos that one can throw at it, and when it finally does fill up, the Micro SD slot will hold another 64GB and your old SkyDrive account will give you another 25GB, or 7GB if you are a new user. The 10 hours of 3G network talk time will power the device through most of the day without even having to think about finding a charger and the Clear Black screen will be easy to read on even the sunniest of days.

The feature set of the Lumia 920 is downright amazing. From the 8.7MP Pureview camera to the offline Nokia Drive Mapping software, it will allow users to find their way to any place they are headed and give them the tools they need to remember it, whether it is with a video, photos or even just a quick blog post about it. The “floating” Zeiss lens on the camera will stablize the image, reduce blur and help eliminate poor images that camera shakes usually cause. The f/2.0, Pureview setup allows up to 50% more light on to the sensor to create stunning images in the lowest light levels. Overall, the camera features on the Lumia 920 can easily replace a point and shoot camera and may even be a high enough quality to replace the Auto-Mode using DSLR images as well.

Now that there is a device that has this much power under the hood, is the software base behind it strong enough to keep up? With Windows Phone 8, although still in beta mode, the phone performed beautifully. With Nokia’s brilliant software packages already on board from Windows Phone 7.5 and the Lumia 900, there are enough Nokia Only Apps to make the Lumia the only line to consider purchasing. While Samsung’s Windows Phone 8 offering is certainly intriguing, one could wonder if they will become more focused on Windows Phones with the Galaxy S series coming under fire from Apple, or if they will continue to push the world’s most popular OS to the front and maintain their blistering sales pace with the next Galaxy line. HTC is due to announce the successor to the Titan line on the 19th of September, which is probably going to put them late to the party and continue the decline they are currently in.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the highest quality builds we have seen from a device manufacturer ever. The previews of Windows Phone 8 and Nokia’s own software additions will make for one serious piece of hardware that many should, and will, jump on immediately.


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