24 Hours Left In Solavei Preregistration

With only one day left until the extended preregistration period for Solavei’s new Social Network Cellular Plan, the time to decide if one wants their cellphone to start paying them is now. Sure, one could wait and sign up after the launch period next month, but if they are free floating without that contract right now, getting in on day one could mean more cash in the old wallet.

This isn’t in reference to how much they may save with Solavei’s $49 unlimited everything plan, but it is also due to the fact that being in the network on day one will give them a better shot at completing more signups for those $20 a month checks and that $650, 12 person signup bonus. Even if Solavei service is something one is on the fence about, signing up during the preregistration time only makes sense.

There is no obligation to change now. There is no signup fee or cost of any kind to preregister. There is only the chance to get people in a line that will make everyone a bit richer, and big cellular companies take note that people are sick of $300 cell bills.

Get in line today for this amazing offer before it is too late. Simply email smartphonedeals@gmail.com or call our editor, Ron Lunsford at 425-405-0393 if there are some additional questions to answer before the day is over. Time is extremely limited for this ground floor opportunity, so email for an invitation now.


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