Solavei Preregistration Ends Sunday


Startup MNVO Solavei’s preregistration period is coming to a close quickly. In fact, the deadline has been extended to keep up with the demand of the referrals that the 45,000 users are already sending in to the new service. While sub-$50 price plans are everywhere now, the fact that users can take advantage of a MLM style referral system seems to be turning heads very quickly. Preregistration is available by invitation only and we just happen to have some, which you can get in on by emailing Simply send your name and email address to us and we will forward you a place on the ground floor.

The commission structure is very simple and doesn’t require much in the way of math to figure out. Solavei bases payment off “trios” or groups of three users. You sign up 3 people, you get $20. Repeat this for every three people you sign up. Then the second tier begins to add on with your users adding three people and both of you getting $20 for that group of three. You must have 3 users to begin getting cash from Solavei, so getting in early will be of the utmost importance. Even if you are happily toting that iPhone under a contract with 5 months to go, signing up now ensures your spot when you are ready. If this turns out to be anything like the Republic Wireless offering, missing out on that first batch of SIM cards and phones could mean a very long wait to start saving money on your bill and making money off your carrier.

The other positive spin for those under contract is what Solavei is calling the Fast Action Bonus – where users can earn up to $650 by referring 12 members in their first 60 days. That $650 could go a long way to paying off that early termination fee or purchasing a new device. Again, time is of the essence in getting in on the ground floor with Solavei. Request an invitation today by emailing us at before Sunday to make sure you do not miss this deadline. You have a full 30 days to generate leads, signups and plan for your move to Solavei before it launches at the end of September.

For now, even if you are remotely interested, request that invitation today and start getting paid by your carrier instead of paying your carrier too much. Email us at now to get your preregistration invite.


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