The Solavei Plan: The After Webcast Show


At 6:00 PM this evening, thousands of potential users of the new Solavei MVNO were tuned in to the internet for a webcast from the founder of Solavei and many of the people that made up the $49 cellphone social network. After witnessing the debacle first hand, it is left to wonder who is Solavei actually targeting and why on earth are they promoting an event that is 30 days out from launch?

Starting with the company line, the service is solid, the prices are more than fair and even the non-contract phone pricing is decent. The basic concept is spectacular. Using your users to sell your service instead of advertising. Roughly 50% of the profits are being returned to the end users who refer new clients to Solavei. What wasn’t clear was how you get started on the service and how to get “in” on launch day.

What is clear is the terms of service. You will receive unlimited talk, text and 4GB of 4G data (this is on T-Mobile’s network so think 3.5G to be completely fair) and unlimited 2G data there after. With T-Mobile’s drive into the 1900Mhz band coming sooner than later, this makes a prime service opportunity for T-Mobile to steal some of those out of contract iPhone users from AT&T. It will also allow a bevy of phones to be unlocked and used on the new MVNO.

Now, the life of an MVNO customer isn’t always rosy. The lack of ‘real’ customer support is always tough, but for those that can survive on the internet forums and online manuals, life won’t be that difficult. Additionally, if you know who to ask, help is usually just a tweet away. For example, in the case of Solavei, you don’t ask them for help, but rather @tmobile instead if you have a question about the network or status.

As far as Solavei goes, we are excited to see it come to fruition. From a pipe dream less than a year ago to the 45,000 member group of socialites that there is today, Solavei is due to make a big impact in an industry of overcharging and underperforming. One of our editors is signed up for the program and would love to get you in as well. Email your name to to get an invite sent directly to you to get in on the deal.

Remember, the preregistration period ends Sunday the 25th of August, so email us today to get an invite and we will get it off to you within a few minutes. As soon as you register, you can start saving $1000’s every year!


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