GDGT Seattle: The Full Report

GDGT’s Seattle event went off last week without a hitch. While there wasn’t much in the mobile landscape at the little party, there were a few notables that made appearances. With vendors like T-Mobile, HTC and Nokia, the mobile space was pretty well represented. Adding to the fun were mobile data solution providers like Twonky, SugarSync and Western Digital. Overall, the event featured many products we’ve seen, and a few fun ones we hadn’t.

Starting at the door, entrants were met with an amazing array of swagbags, T-shirts and a great gdgt style iPhone case. Working in to the first booth, people were happily introduced to a few of the gdgt staff and a great view of the website. Continuing around the outside perimeter, Nokia’s table was next with a great display of their Lumia handsets (710, 800 and 900 all being present) with free bumpers for the 900 and colored covers for those with a 710. The Nokia Purity line was also present with different earphones and the bluetooth speaker being played. Next inline to Nokia was Twonky which was selling users on their new free streaming App that takes content from your iOS or Android device and beams it using a DLNA technology to the big screen in your living room.

Heading to the back corner was Speck Products and their line of iPad/iPhone cases and covers. We can honestly say with the variety and styles that were available, how could anyone not find one that they would use on their daily driver. Heading in to the corner, Western Digital was there showing off their network storage devices and their streaming media box. The biggest news there was the fact that your Dropbox account can now sync to your local Western Digital hard drive. A very nice feature to have if you are at home streaming off your WiFi.

We continue into the back stretch with our buddies from HTC and their One series phones. We really had some quality time with the One S and had quite an opinion change of the little monster. After some serious usage, we only felt that the phone could have used a bit more weight. The design was brilliant and the feel was perfect. Our only gripe with the S, was the weight, which can easily be fixed with a small piece of lead tape. The One X, their flagship device for AT&T was also on display along side the Sprint variant, the EVO 4G LTE. All three phones were beautiful, quick and set the bar very high for our next device. What was sad to see absent from the HTC booth was any mention of Windows Phone – they were all Android, all the time. Next door to HTC was Monster Products and their amazing headphones. There’s not much more that can be said besides – wow… Monster did a great job of getting the people going, and giving away a ton of product and swag at gdgt.

T-Mobile was next door to Monster, and let us be the first to tell you, nothing attracts geek loving tech heads more than FREE 4G phones. Yes, they may have been last year’s models, but seriously, they were FREE phones without any sort of contract, extension or agreements. Plus, from what they said, a simple call to their customer service line and the devices could be unlocked for use on their MVNO carriers like Straight Talk and Simple Mobile. They also stole the show as far as presentation went with the amazing “4GLife Photo Booth” and glam shots. It was all pink, all the time in that corner, but everyone seemed to have some fun with it.

Next up was the folks from Roku and their streaming player. Not exactly mobile news here, but if you haven’t checked out a Roku player, you owe it to yourself to do so. In the center, the guys from harkdotcom were having some fun with blogging and movie quotes. The Dish network people had some steals on television services and Task Rabbit was pushing their local referral services with abandon. Iolo software was also there with their PC System Mechanic software for those that needed to keep their PC’s running smoothly. was on hand to help those wanting to hide themselves from the internet and Ford had 2 vehicles setup with the Microsoft Sync application that allowed users to control their vehicles from their devices.

Overall, the gdgt Seattle show was a smashing success. The vendor showcases were great, the products were fun to demo and most of the representatives were very in the know. There were a few that seemed to stumble a bit, but for the most part, everyone left with a bit more knowledge than they arrived with. If you have the chance, and live in one of the upcoming areas, check them out. The upcoming gdgt shows are slated for Boston on October 17th and San Francisco on the 6th of December. Visit for more details.


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