Does Your Phone’s OS Really Matter Anymore?

There is quite a bit of talk about which OS for which phones will survive the patent wars and the buyouts, but what does it really matter? Right now, there are 4 extremely good phone OS systems in the United States. Regardless of marketshare or how many users have them, there are four really good systems in place. Obviously, you have Android and iOS. The two titans of the mobile world at the moment. You also have Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Now the latter two don’t have much in the way of market penetration yet, or anymore as the case may be, but both of them do what most people use their phones to do: check email and check in on their friends. Android and iOS do it just as well. This leads to the ultimate question, does the OS that your phone runs really matter to you?

A big deal is being made over which OS is better for this or that, which one is the best for this and which one does that in an easier way. Heck, one company actually said, “Our OS will make you use your phone LESS!” While that marketing tactic made for funny commercials, it really didn’t translate well to reality. This is where we get back to that question: can your _________ make your life better? The answer in most cases, no, your phone won’t make your life better. It’s not going to matter if you are carrying an iPhone, Droid, Lumia or Bold, they all do basically the same things, and do them well.

The idea of Apps have destroyed smartphones as we know them. The original devices had so much baked in to them, that it didn’t matter what you loaded on to them, the basic features were still better for most things. Think about Android without GoSMS, Handcent or another SMS alternative. People would be complaining about the SMS program. Remember when Apple didn’t have MMS on the iPhone? That didn’t go over really well either. How about when Windows Mobile ruled the world and “Outlook Mobile” was the only email client available? It was horrendous to say the least. Of course, then there was the mistake that was the BlackBerry Trackball…

The bottom line for which OS your phone should have is simple: any of them. Sure, you may have more games on iOS than Windows Phone, but if you aren’t in to gaming, it’s not going to matter a bit to you. You might find more Office Doc editing programs for Android than Windows Phone, but that’s due to the fact that Office is included with those Microsoft devices. Heck you might even find you like BBMing more than SMSing, requiring your friends to all get those free BlackBerry’s at their next upgrade. Yes, we still miss BBMing…

Stop measuring your phone’s OS against the rest because there is no winner and there is no loser. As far as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a bajillion other social networks go, there’s an App or mobile site for that. As far as cameras go, well that’s more hardware than software, but yeah, they all have something like Instagram about now. Most of all, get the hardware that feels the best to you and that works where you need it to. From device to device, more important than the OS are features like the antenna strength, location and physical pull. If you don’t get a good signal with that HTC Titan, maybe the BlackBerry Bold is a better bet for you. Don’t worry about the software too much, there’s probably a way to get it to do what you want without too much trouble.


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