International Refills At Lower Rates

If you are one of those international travellers that always seems to use a prepaid card when travelling overseas, we have news for you. Our online partner, GetSmartphones.Info, has international refills available. Users of Lime, Movistar, Digicell and many others can find refilling their balances simple and easy at the GetSmartphones.Info website. Check out the bevy of savings that await you in the International section of GetSmartphones.Info. In the mean time, check out the options for carriers below and see if the country you are headed to is covered.

Lime Anguilla, Lime Barbados, Lime British Virgin Islands, Lime Cayman Islands, Comcel Colombia, Movistar Colombia, Tigo Colombia, Cubacel Refills, Lime Dominica, Claro Dominican Republic, Viva Dominican Republic, Movistar Ecuador, Claro El Salvador, Digicel El Salvador, Movistar El Salvador, Tigo El Salvador, Lime Grenada, Claro Guatemala, Movistar Guatemala, Tigo Guatemala, Digicel Guyana, Voila Haiti, Claro Honduras, Digicel Honduras, Tigo Honduras, Claro Jamaica, Digicel Jamaica, Lime Jamaica, Digi Malaysia, Movistar Mexico, Lime Montserrat, Claro Nicaragua, Movistar Nicaragua, Movistar Panama, Claro Peru, Movistar Peru, Lime St Lucia, Lime St. Kitts and Nevis, Lime St. Vincent and Grenadines, Digicel Suriname, Digicel Trinidad and Tobago, Lime Turks and Caicos, EVN Telecom Vietnam, Mobifone Vietnam, S-Fone Vietnam, Viettel Vietnam and VinaPhone Vietnam.


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