Hardware Review: Casio GzOne Commando

If you need a smartphone, but don’t work in a smartphone friendly environment, its not always an inexpensive experience. From cracked screens to smashed devices, smartphones don’t always do very well in rough places. Enter the Casio GzOne Commando.

The Commando is a military spec, ruggedized device that can take just about any abuse that is thrown at it. A heavy duty screen is backed up with a water-proof/resistant chassis. The entire device is very well constructed and, as one may expect, very solid in hand.

The experience of the Commando is equally impressive with a bevy of “survival” Apps preinstalled and accessible with one press of a physical button on the side of the device.

While the Commando may be missing some of the top end specs of today’s Galaxy series or Razr series phones, there is no way that those devices could ever take the abuse that the Commando does. If you are rough with your devices, you can snag a new Commando for free with a 2 year agreement on Verizon Wireless.

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