AT&T Joins The Shared Data Club

AT&T joined Verizon today with their first offering in the Shared Data Plan department. Mobile Share, as it is known on AT&T, offer the same premise as Verizon’s Share Everything plans, but with a bit more confusion on the pricing.

Verizon has a simple $40 per smartphone, $30 per feature phone, $20 per hotspot/modem and $10 per tablet. Then you add your block of data to that and call it good. It is a very easy to use system that really makes shopping the program simple.

AT&T’s pricing structure is a bit of a mess. Starting with 1GB of data for $40, a smartphone costs $30. Increasing to 4GB for $70 the same smartphone will cost you $40. Moving on to $60 for the 6GB package, that device will run you $35. Finally at the 10GB ($120) and up pricing levels, your smartphones will only cost $30 each. This puts the break even pricing with Verizon at 2 lines at the 10GB+ packages. Adding other devices is the same pricing that Verizon offers.

While heavily packed smartphone families may want to make the move to the shared plans to save some cash, the savings over their older family share plans is definitely there. Check out the new Mobile Share plans at for more details.


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