No Flash For Jelly Bean

It appears that the mobile division of Adobe Flash is finally calling it quits. The final move in the game of Flash or No Flash for the mobile universe is over. Yesterday, Adobe stated that it will no be providing Flash support for Android 4.1.

One of Android’s strongest competitive features was the stock enabled Flash browser systems. Third party browsers like Firefox, Dolphin and others also carried the Adobe Flash protocol, which allowed sites like, Facebook games and others to load and be played on a mobile device. Windows Phone 7.x doesn’t have it. Apple’s iOS doesn’t have it. Android was the one that did.

With Adobe’s failure to bring Flash forward to Jelly Bean, the Android browsing system going forward has lost a key advantage over the other operating systems. This won’t affect current handsets quite yet, bit if you are one of the lucky few that sees your device on a roadmap to being upgraded, make sure to think about how you use your browser and if Flash is something you use. If it is, you’ll want to skip that upgrade and stay behind.

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