Judge Blocks Galaxy Nexus Sales Temporarily, Google Drops Price?

Our Apple lawsuit watch is in full effect right now after the semi-victory in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 block, and boy are we glad we are watching right now. Just one day after announcing their iPad killer, Google was dealt a blow in one of the challenges that Apple has levied against it. U.S. District Judge, Lucy Koh, has granted Apple’s petition to block the sales of the Galaxy Nexus devices that are also made by Samsung for Google. Judge Koh found that Google is violating an Apple patent for multi-source searching, which was originally filed in 2004, and finally granted in December of 2011. Multi-source searching allows multiple streams of information to be checked, then routed back to the processor in an organized fashion.

The Nexus line of devices is very close to Google’s heart and the most pure form of the Android operating system available. Google recently retreated on their position of not offering devices directly to the public, as they began offering the Galaxy Nexus sales through the Google Play store online. The Nexus Tablet now joins the Galaxy Nexus in the Google Play Store, available for direct sales to the public.

While the date of the In an interesting turn though, it appears that Google has made the device even cheaper, despite the resistance from Apple. The retail price for the unlocked GSM/HSPA+ handset was $399.99 last week. A quick check today revealed that the price is now listed at $349.99. This makes us immediately think one of two things: either they are trying to dump as many units as possible before the injunction takes affect or is there a new Galaxy device on the horizon and this is the beginning of the fire sale of “last year’s model”?

The injunction should be handled quickly as the trial is set to start next month, barring any deals, pleas or licenses that are negotiated in the meantime. A win for Google would mean that they could continue to make Android devices and continue to distribute an unaltered code to their suppliers. An Apple victory could lead to many more Android handsets suffering from the same fate as the Galaxy Nexus. If this happens, the biggest winner in this lawsuit could be Microsoft and Windows Phone 8, as manufacturers that have been relying on Android would have no choice but to return to Microsoft and the Windows platform.


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