Hardware Review: Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G

End of life… It’s always a great time to get a deal on what was premium hardware a month ago. The Samsung Galaxy S II line is no exception to this rule. Currently, Getsmartphones.Info is offering a great price on this best selling device. New Sprint subscribers can snag a brand new Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G for nothing, while upgraders have to part with $79.99 to snag one of these beauts.

The GSIIET4G is a sold Android powered offering that features a 4.52″ AMOLED display at a very respectable 800×480 resolution. The device also has a spectacular 8MP rear camera and a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor to keep things moving along nicely. The 16GB of internal memory can be supplemented with a 32GB micro SD card for almost limitless storage opportunities.  The 2MP front facing camera takes some beautiful self-portraits and allows for chatting with Tango and other video conferencing programs.  The built in DLNA wireless sharing will let you stream photos and videos directly from the device to a DLNA equipped TV.

Included in the package with Sprint’s unlimited data services are Sprint TV, Sprint Navigator, Sprint NASCAR Mobile and the new NBA package as well. The GSIIET4G is just one amazing device that will keep you entertained and loving the speedy WiMAX 4G connectivity for some time to come.

The drawback to the GSIIET4G would be that  WiMAX is a dying technology right now. Sprint has sent much of their overstocked hardware to their prepaid service providers, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile in an effort to offload it faster. While we are pretty solid knowing that WiMAX will outlive the GSIIET4G it is extremely unlikely that any additional markets will receive the dead technology in the future. That said, with most Sprint users giving up their WiMAX devices for future-proofed LTE devices, WiMAX streams in markets that have them should be faster than ever. In our WiMAX friendly area, we averaged around 9.5Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up before the LTE shift. We can only imagine that those numbers will continue to hold into the future.

While the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G won’t be the phone that the latest tech junkie wants in their pocket right now, the fact that this premiere device from a few months ago is now FREE with a 2 year agreement and is only $79.99 on upgrades (down from $199.99 a few weeks back) makes the GSIIET4G  a steal in our book.

The Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G is available from Getsmartphones.info for free with a new 2 year agreement with Sprint. Sprint’s pricing plans begin at $79.99 after the premium data charge is assessed. Renewing customers have a price of $79.99 and a $10 premium data charge may be added to your line if you are not already subscribed to it.

Source: Getsmartphones.info


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