Shared Data Plans Go Live On Verizon

As reported, Verizon Wireless released their new family share data plans today. Ranging from the 1GB for $50 to the 10GB $100 plans, data can be more affordable for the entire family.

The base plan starts at $40 per line for smartphones and $30 per line for feature devices. Adding a WiFi hotspot will set you back $20 and a Tablet will cost $10 to add it on. Add to that the new tiered shared data plan, and you will have your new pre tax/pre fee bill.

Of course, if you aren’t due for a renewal, your old plan will stick around for you until you upgrade that device in your pocket to a new one. More information can be found by clicking on the Verizon Wireless link at

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Updated: It appears that Verizon has dropped a few additional steps in the data plan lineup with the addition of the $40 – 300MB add on, and 5 more steps to the top of the ladder which is now 20GB for $150. The basic rule on figuring pricing if you don’t want to go check is the first 2GB are $60, then add $10 per 2GB up to 20GB total.  It may not be the best deal for everyone out there, but overall, the pricing makes it very affordable to add multiple devices, hotspots and those new tablets on to your share plan without breaking the bank.


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