Hardware Review: Nokia Lumia 710 Prepaid

Make no bones about it, we are fans of prepaid services. The taxes, the surcharges, the overages… They all add up way too fast. The problem in the past has been the stigma of prepaid services being for the credit challenged and the horrid assortment of devices that the prepaid user could chose from. Fortunately, with carriers like Red Pocket Mobile and T-Mobile’s Monthly 4G plans, device selection has gotten quite a boost in recent history. Today is one of those days where we look at where prepaid devices are going and we look to the non-contract $279.99 Nokia Lumia 710 for T-Mobile’s Monthly 4G service.

The Lumia 710 isn’t the powerhouse of devices like its big brother, the Nokia Lumia 900, but it is a fantastic ‘lite’ version of it. The smaller 3.7″ display still sports an 800×480 resolution. The 5MP camera does a fantastic job of capturing the quick moments in life. The 1.4Ghz processor powers Windows Phone 7.5 (and soon to be equipped with the Tango update if rumors are to be believed) without any issues what-so-ever. The 512MB of RAM will not leave this value priced device lagging a bit when you have multiple Apps running. About the only gripes we have with this handset is the lackluster internal memory, 8GB, and the absent front facing camera. We can overlook both of those pretty easily when you consider what software you get bundled for free.

Nokia is continuing to ‘upgrade’ their Windows Phone 7 devices despite the lack of support for Windows Phone 8. The single core processors just won’t power the new system well enough, so Nokia is trying to make the best of things by offering camera upgrades, mapping upgrades and a few other tweaks that make life bearable for the foreseeable future. While Windows Phone 7 is technically done, the 7.8 update will roll out this fall and give everyone the look of Windows Phone 8. For many smartphone upgraders, this will be the first and best stepping stone from a feature phone that they could have.

The hardware is solid, although the plastic feel isn’t as nice as the larger Nokia models. The screen delivers a brilliant image with ClearBlack technology and great pixel density. While we won’t call this device a market shaker, at $279.99, it should be considered a bargain. Again, this is a top quality Windows Phone 7 device for under $300 without a contract. Many would be hard pressed to find a used Windows Phone at prices that low.

The Nokia Lumia 710 is available in black or white, free with a 2 year agreement or in black only for $279.99 on T-Mobile’s Monthly 4G program where monthly prices begin at $30.

Source: GetSmartphones.Info


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