Verizon’s Shared Data Gets A Birthday

It took what seemed like forever for the shared data plans to begin rolling out on one of the major carriers, but Verizon Wireless has become the first to break the ice. Beginning June 28th, VZW customers can give up those pesky data charges on every line in favor of sharing one package on all their devices.

Starting with unlimited minutes and messaging, the monthly fees start at $10 for a tablet, $20 for a hotspot, $30 for a feature phone and $40 for a smartphone. You then begin adding your data plan to the share plan in chunks. The 1GB addition will set users back $50. 4GB will add $70 to that bill and jumping to 10GB will add a Benjamin to your total each month.

While this hardly seems like an amazing deal, if you look at the family of 4 with smartphones, this could save quite a bit of cash over the 24 month contract. Included in the data fee is the ability to use the hot spot feature and that unlimited voice deal. Currently, that family is probably spending near the $250 for those lines with data and not unlimited minutes. The same plan with 8GB of data and unlimited minutes would be the same $250, but include internet access from the phones on the plan as well.

The ability to add that new iPad for $10 sure is nice as well. Stay tuned for the full scoop as soon as the plans go active at the end of the month to see if that double your data deal disappears as well. You can’t make the new system successful if you keep good deals going on the old system.



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