Hardware Review: Cricket Huawei Mercury

Once in a while, a carrier has a device that is a superior value. The Huawei Mercury on Cricket Wireless is one of those fantastic deals. If you happen to live in an area that is serviced by Cricket, the Mercury is a pretty great device. The 4″ FWVGA screen is powered by a 1.4Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM. The 4GB of internal storage leaves 2GB open as internal storage, plus the MicroSD slot supports cards up to 64GB – though we weren’t able to test it with anything larger than a 32GB card.

The 8MP camera takes adequate photos for blogging, sharing on social networks and even making smaller prints. With the additional camera software that can be found in the Android Market, you can have even more fun with this great shooter. The VGA front facing camera does the job for video chatting, but is a bit sub-par for self portraits.

Much of the value of the Huawei Mercury depends on if you live in a strong Cricket Wireless area. If you do, the only drawback to the exceptional $229.99 non-contract pricing for the Mercury is the $65 a month unlimited Android plan that comes with it. Even still, the $65 a month bill is far less than any unlimited contract carrier plan and the flexibility of a non-contract deal makes the Mercury a very good value.

More information, as well as coverage maps, can be found at http://www.mycricket.com.


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