Virgin Mobile and Boost Expand To Unlimited 4G Data

One of best deals in wireless communication just got a bit better. Virgin Mobile, home of the 300 minute, unlimited text & data plan, has announced that they are joining the WiMAX revolution. The other Sprint MVNO, Boost Mobile, is joining in on the action as well. While this may seem a bit dense as WiMAX’s demise has all but been announced by Sprint. The non-contract wireless options, provided you live in a WiMAX supported market, are amazing deals.

Virgin Mobile will be offering the EVO V 4G, based off the Sprint EVO 3D, will be available May 31st for a no contract price of $299.99. The EVO V 4G features 1GB of RAM, the 5MP 3D camera, 4GB of internal storage, micro-SD card slot and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense overlayed on top.

The Boost offering is based off the EVO Design 4G. The smaller screened counterpart to the EVO 3D will also be featured at a $299.99 price point also. With availability beginning on May 31st, this is an excellent add-on for those already ‘shrunk’ to that $35 price point. The $5 Android add-on fee isn’t a deal breaker on this device at all.

The biggest issue we see with these devices, and probably the reason Sprint is liquidating them through their prepaid partners, is the longevity of WiMAX. Will users be able to get 2-3 years from these devices before LTE moves into their areas and WiMAX moves on? Sprint has promised to maintain the network as long as they can and they are just getting around to taking down the IDEN network that was purchased so long ago.

Overall, the $60 a month all you can eat Boost deal with shrinkage and the $45 a month unlimited Virgin Mobile plans are both economical answers for those searching for cheaper bills. Combine this with the fact that Android devices can hook up through Google Voice for free, and with WiFi or a good WiMAX signal programs like GrooVIP or SIPDroid providing free VoIP services, even that $35 a month plan rocking that EVO 3D seems like a great idea too.



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