Quick Press: HTC One X Now Available For Pre-Order On AT&T

Android fans unite! Stop holding that breath and forget about switching to T-Mobile for that paltry HTC One S device. AT&T has posted their pre-order page for the quad-core powered, HTC One X. This isn’t just a game-changer device, but possibly the greatest smartphone design in history. It one ups, the one uppers in the spec department. It ships out of the box with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and has a gigantic 4.7″ display.

The One X is a spec junkies delight and will be available soon from AT&T. The off-contract price of $549.99 makes it a great value to team with our amazing Red Pocket Mobile service or if a 2 year upgrade is in your future, the $199.99 contract price makes it even more appealing. Check out their presale page for more information.

Buy online at Red Pocket Mobile – http://www.goredpocket.com Vendor ID: GETSMART or http://www.getsmartphones.info/prepaid/phones/RedPocketMobile.htm



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