Did Google Deal BlackBerry A Blow?

The discontinuation of Google Sync, a very popular BlackBerry software program, might seem to some like another blow to RIM’s precious ecosystem, but honestly, it is only the end of a no longer needed service program. Back in the days of BBOS 4, Google services and RIM’s BlackBerry services didn’t speak well together. As a matter of fact, they down right didn’t talk to each other. So, to help users get on board with their service, Google created Google Sync for BlackBerry. The program was a huge success and led to many BlackBerry users rushing to Google for their primary “non-work” email usage.

Google Sync dug in and became a steadfast program for anyone using a Pearl or Curve and a computer, whether it was a Mac or PC. The instant backup of contacts, calendars and emails made life great. But as BBOS 5 rolled in to town, RIM realized the importance of Google’s services and began to work them into their mix. By the launch of BBOS 7, the OS itself did most of the sync work right from the server end. This, in essence, made Google Sync a redundant program for anyone using a newer Berry.

While it may be sad to see these old favorites die off, BlackBerry devices have evolved from that lowly Pearl and Curve, and the discontinuing of programs and Apps that have now become redundant is nothing to be scared of. RIM will have it’s work cut out for themselves getting market share back from the giants of the Smartphone World right now, but as we all know – one device can turn a company from near bankruptcy to #1 in just a year or two.


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