App Review: Very Unique Existence

We love to listen, and a while back, Twitter user @POSITIVETUNES asked us to yak a look at an interesting App in the Market. Very Unique Existence is a music App that allows fast access to musician Richard Latimer’s solo works as well as his work with the trio, Very Unique Existence.

Honestly, the music isn’t right on our wheel house, but the App was smooth and fluid. The ability to see artist information, photos and more with one click should be enough to make some major bands take note of the style of the App at a minimum. The App was obviously put together well, and performed great.

If we were going to criticize anything about the Free offering, it would be the base size of the App. For the 3.5MB download, there doesn’t seem to be much there. It seems like it could have been shelled, downsized and used the mobile connection to fill the pages with info, but that really isn’t that important.

We recommend giving @POSITIVETUNES recommendation a shot and trying out Very Unique Existence. It is Free and available in the Market right now. Enjoy the music!

And yes, for those that are wondering, the App does have free music and even better, works on tablets as well.


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