Phone Advice: The Perfect Match?

When one begins to use the word “perfect” they instantly become a target for flaming, abuse and ridicule. But, if this line is being read, the headline has done its job and it’s time to get down to business. The Windows Phone powered Nokia Lumia 900 is due to hit shelves in just a few days. Normally, this would be a ho-hum moment in time, but with a low $449.99 non-contract street price, we had to mention this fantastic deal.

Sure, $449.99 for an out-dated, out-spec’d phone doesn’t seem like much of a deal, but for the average Smartphone user, the Lumia 900 is going to turn some heads. The WP7 operating system isn’t a hungry mammoth that needs a dual-core processor with a GB of RAM installed to work well. It hums along on a 1Ghz single core and 512MB of RAM with no major issues at all. In fact, it’s even smoother than some Android experiences on those dual-core monsters.

Windows Phone isn’t the savior to all operating systems, but it does offer an amazing interface, quick social networking options and the simplest ‘live tile’ setup of any OS today. That said, the Lumia 900 coming in at $450 off contract makes it a prime candidate for use with a service like Red Pocket Mobile. Since the device is launching with AT&T, a simple tweak of the MMS settings allows full use of the device without Jailbreaking, hacking or other modifications.

Why Red Pocket Mobile, some may ask? Well, it’s simple, they don’t require a data plan, and if  one is needed that delivers plenty of data for that new Windows Phone, the 2GB plan is only $59.99 (unlimited minutes, messages and 2GB data) a month. This makes your total “2 year cost” $1889.75 when combined with the $450 (add $200 for an iPhone 4s) price tag of a new Lumia 900…

In comparison, if you purchase the device on-contract from AT&T, the device will set you back $99.99 (add $100 for  the iPhone 4s) and a monthly bill of $119.99 (unlimited minutes, messages and 3GB data) +taxes or about $145 a month. The two year cost on this “deal” is over $3500. Now honestly, nobody will  go bananas on contract and get the unlimited plan, but even cost cutting down to the $59.99 plan plus $20 for messaging and $20 for data gets a user in to the $120 a month range on AT&T making that phone still cost an additional $1000 over the life of that contract.

While contract devices may always seem like the way to go due to their lower pricing, take a look at the longer term numbers and realize that $350 upfront may not be as bad as $1500 over 2 years. Of course for those that just need to make due and like to rotate, remember, when a new series comes out (see iPhone 5 this fall?) the older model (the iPhone 4s) should drop in price and offer a very nice device for a lower cost than even the contract price in some cases.

For now, the Lumia 900 makes a compelling reason to jump to Red Pocket Mobile for a great device and amazing service. Get a free SIM card with any service plan at our online retailer today or visit Red Pocket Mobile online and use dealer code “GETSMART” for great discounts and more.


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