They Got It Right


It’s late, the games are over, the shows are done, but the daily news was missed in all the excitement. Where does one turn to catch up on everything? How about for starters.

MSN had really stepped up the mobile browser setup recently. The content is wonderfully formatted, easy to navigate and loads lightning fast on most stock browsers. From the simplicity of the videos working across platforms to the full site content broken down to quick loading sections, MSN mobile is the new place to be.

With access to the same sources that MSN has been working with for quite some time, the new extreme layout does a perfect job of providing an overview of the news, sports and entertainment reports in a surprisingly animated fashion.

While the MSN Mobile site may not replace standalone apps anytime soon, the content, minimalistic ad placement and ease of use really make the page something to bookmark if not something to set your homescreen to.


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