It Begins: The 2012 Best Value In Wireless Contest

We are always searching out the best value for you – the end user. We’ve seen a dramatic trend as data usage skyrockets among the four major US carriers that prices continually climb to higher and higher levels. This combined with the fact that many users only use a small portion of their included services, it makes these higher bills seem less than attractive to most. To help this, we are mounting a major test of the 4 major networks and the bevy of prepaid options that are now available as well. We are hoping to have the full range of carriers that are available nationwide – sorry regionals, you might have a better price, but without coverage in our 4 test areas, we just can’t include you. If you are a carrier, and have coverage in our test areas, please send us a SIM card, test phone (we have unlocked GSM phones – and limited CDMA phones) or whatever we would need for 4 days of coverage (and mailing time in between).

On board for our test are the following: AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Boost Mobile, iWireless (Kroger), Virgin Mobile… and more to come…

We are conducting the test in 4 markets throughout the US. These include Seattle, San Francisco, Wichita and Philadelphia.

Here’s what we will be looking at:

1) Value of Service – Do they offer what you need to use your device at various levels. One plan does not fit all.

2) Customer Service Level – Do they answer questions in a timely fashion? Do they know what they are talking about? Are there various ways of reaching someone or only a phone number that goes to voice mail?

3) Quality of Service – Is the network speed acceptable (no this is not a speed comparison necessarily, but a quality test over 4 cities nationwide.) We don’t want to make it a race, but to browse the internet, stream YouTube or upload photos, you do want a quality connection. Also, what is the dropped call ratio while in buildings, what options do they offer for poor coverage areas, etc.

We are looking to add more carriers to our test to include everyone on a nationwide scale. Currently Red Pocket Mobile has reached out to us and we are hoping to add SIMpleMobile,  Total Call, H20, Platinum Plus and Page Plus to our test as well. If carriers would like to contribute a SIM card (with enough time to use in 4 separate markets) we would love to include you in our 2012 Best Value in Wireless test.

You can reach us at, @smartphone_info on Twitter or at our Facebook page. You can also just send us a SIM/Device for use on your network with a return envelope/postage to have the items returned to you later.

We would also love to offer any ‘free’ offers you might have for our readers as a giveaway during this amazing testing period. If you are willing to give up a $10 credit, a month of service, or even a device for your network, just let us know and we will start the contest rolling.


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