Quick Post: Groove IP On Sale For $2.10 @ Amazon Appstore

One of our personal favorite, cost-cutting apps is on sale for over 50% off in the Amazon Appstore until 11:00 PST tonight. If you have a chance to swing into the Amazon Store and snag it, it’s highly worth it. Groove IP allows you to make FREE phone calls over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data connections using your Google Voice account. When you combine this awesome App with services like the Virgin Mobile 300 minute unlimited everything data plan or the T-Mobile 100 minute unlimited data plan, you have quite the deal.

Currently we are running 100% VoIP using Groove IP on our phones and are having great success with it. It did take a bit to get the Microphone and Earpiece Volumes right, but once they were dialed in, no echo and great quality.

Again, this sale is for a very limited time. Grab this today before the deal is gone again. More information on the Virgin Mobile plans with phones from $99.99 is available from our small business partner. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G handset from T-Mobile is also available at GetSmartphones.Info. Other T-Mobile handsets are also available at GetSmartphones.Info as well.


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