Ting Brings Choices To Lower Cost Wireless Services

If there is one thing that kills the average mobile plan it is that nobody uses their phones the same way as another. Some talk for hours, others send thousands of texts. Some use 5 GB of data a month and others use 10MB. The carriers have their attempts at ‘creating’ steps in their plans, but honestly 1000 minutes, free mobile to mobile and unlimited texting doesn’t fit everyone. For those that feel left out, Ting Wireless has stepped in to make the affordable, easy.

Starting with a simple check of your current provider, Ting will tell you how much you might save over a year. You can then check out their devices from the simple flip phone to the Motorola Photon running on the Sprint WiMAX 4G network. Yes, if you have poor Sprint coverage in your area, stop reading now and go get a donut or something. The phones aren’t cheap as you aren’t getting a subsidized price on them, but there is also no contract involved, making this one of the better ‘long term’ deals around at the moment.

If you are one of those tech junkies that has gone all VoIP with your cellphone – welcome to $0 for 0 minutes! This thing is a Google Voice/GrooveIP gold mine. In theory, you can sign up for the $30 a month 1GB plan ($6 per line and $24 for the data pack) and watch your bill stay low as you use WiFi for your home and business use and just run off the cell towers when out and about. Not a bad plan for the average Android user out there.

For those that aren’t and actually want a phone that works all the time, you start with a monthly $6 fee per line. Then you add what you need. 500 minutes is $9, 3000 minutes will set you back $52. 100 Text messages will run $3 and 6000 will cost you a paltry $14. Finally, the data charges range from a 100MB pack for $3 up to $60 for 3GB. While these may not seem like great numbers, for everyone that has access to WiFi on a regular basis, data charges should stay low. Plus, for those with non-smartphone/heavy texters, you might be seeing a total bill of $17 for that line. It really can be more cost effective for the light user.

With smaller texting devices like the Samsung Reclaim setting the user back $45 and a $17 monthly bill for 100 minutes and 2000 texts, we can see where this would appeal to many lower use customers. A total 2 year cost of this simple use plan is a mere $453 per line – and gets less when you think about pooling resources. Four a four line setup, you would be looking at a total cost per month of $69 for 1000 shared minutes, 6000 shared texts and 500MB of shared data. Most feature phones like the Reclaim won’t even use that much data so you might squeak by with the 100MB plan again and save an additional $10 a month off that price.

Again, while this plan isn’t for everyone, Ting offers a very low cost solution for those that don’t use their devices heavily. Even for those that decide to stream a few movies on Netflix while on vacation won’t get slammed with a gigantic bill full of overages at the end of the month, just a slight increase over what they paid last month. And just one more note for those that are watching, yes, Ting’s data usage policy allows for tethering your device. Just heed the warning of not exceeding 3GB per month – it’s a hefty $2.25 per MB over that number.



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  1. Jesse says:

    Actually, it’s 2.25 cents per megabyte over 3GB. 100 extra MB would be $2.50. Even an extra gig would be around $25. Not too bad.

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