Rumorsville: Sprint To End Unlimited Data With LTE Plans

While nothing official has trickled out of Overland Park just yet, our mini trolls are reporting that Sprint’s LTE offerings will not feature an unlimited data option and will be required for LTE devices – regardless of the availability of the service in the user’s area. The yet to be announced pricing may come as a shock to some that are just getting used to paying a $10 ‘premium data charge’ after years of not having the additional fee or even better, for just changing from an old phone to an older phone.

The initial speculation is that Sprint will offer up a 3GB, 6GB and 12 GB chunks of data for $20, $35 and $60 additional to your $69.99+$10.00  plan. This would put an unlimited talk, text and almost data plan on Sprint at $129.99 ($99.99+$10.00+$20.00) plus taxes and fees with 3GB of data.  Overages should be set to run $10 per GB just like the big 2 with no talk of throttling in the near future.

Also to lend right along with the talk, data only plans will be offered for MiFi and Sticks at 3GB for $49.99, 6GB for $74.99 and the monster 12GB pack for $99.99. It’s good to hear also that Sprint should be doing away with the ridiculous $.25 per MB overage charge and going to the flat GB charge as well.

It’s also being stated that Sprint will not be allowing existing users to be grandfathered in to the system as ‘unlimited’ users, but for non-LTE handsets the added charges are not being applied. Feature phone and 3G devices will continue at the same rates they are at today after the LTE launch this summer.

We’ll do our best to stay on top of this for you and let you know if any confirmation of this pricing or terms are relayed to us from Sprint directly.


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