SIMPLEMobile Gets It Right

SIMPLEMObile Gets It Right

When it comes to getting something right, we don’t usually expect the big carriers to figure things out right away. Fortunately, there are 100’s of options in smaller carriers, leasing agents and other sources for getting the plan you need for a price you can afford.

Sure, Virgin Mobile still runs that amazing $35 plan for 300 minutes and unlimited everything else, but what if you are a talker and don’t want to deal with Skype or other VoIP solution?

Well, step in to the fold SIMPLEMobile, a smaller carrier option that offers a very simple prepaid service running off the T-Mobile network. Their premise is simple – buy your phone upfront (and not usually from them) and they give you a better rate per month.

What makes this different than most of the prepaid solutions out there is that SIMPLEMobile has tiered pricing based on the speed, not the amount of data you want to use. The 3G package is priced at a ridiculous $40 a month for unlimited everything and the 4G package is priced at $60 a month for the same.

Again, running on the T-Mobile network, coverages will vary by location, but if you have an unlocked GSM phone that works on the T-Mobile network (this could be unlocked WorldPhones, T-Mobile devices or unlocked AT&T devices (iPhone readers, this means you) you can launch yourself in to a $40 a month cellphone bill and forget about watching for overage charges or data slowdowns.

Check out the full details here.


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