Why GetJar Works Where Amazon Failed

The Android ‘marketplace’ battle is heating up. There’s no doubt about it, the Market is where the money is. Sure, different platforms are boasting their app numbers, while others say it’s about quality, not quantity. The bottom line about apps is that if nobody buys them, nobody makes any money from them. There are three strategies about how an App Store is run – especially in Android-land. The first, sell everything at full price – regardless of age… The second, give everything away, overwhelm the developers with issues and make them angry… The third, give away old versions of the app and use that to spur sales of the newer versions.

So far, the first is working ok… The second, seems to be ruining developers, end users and everyone’s experience with the market… The final one though, seems to be a GOOD model? Developers continue to make sales of older products. Patrons get a new option every week or so. Most of all, by giving away something that is outdated, a developer may encourage someone to purchase the newest and greatest version.

While some may question the ability of a retailer location to make some money off a ‘free’ app, GETJAR is the only one that seems to be making the choice of giving away the old version and keeping developers happy. Honestly, the Amazon App Store has made few of us ‘happy’ with the Free App of the Day, but they did offer us 20 minutes of fun here and there with silly games. We have taken advantage of nearly 200 free apps from them and can count how many we’ve left installed on our daily devices on one hand. GetJar’s selections on the other hand, not only entertained us longer, but actually made us look at the developers other apps to see if there was something we wanted.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the smartphone battles aren’t about the devices, the carriers or any other nonsense. It’s about the apps – getting your device to do the most with the smallest amount of effort. Apple has that down with iTunes, Android with their market choices and Windows Phone seems to want to build it all in to make it seemless. There’s not a right or wrong way to do it, but GetJar seems to be on the side of the consumer and the developer. Now, if they can just go multiplatform like they used to in Windows, iOS and Android – they will be king of the mountain for a long time!



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