Quick Tip: Mobile Printing Solution

When out on the road, document handling can be a pain. Sure, you have a few options out there, but we are still completely in love with PrinterShare for our on-device printing needs. Now that we have replaced our beloved Dell laptops with Toshiba Thrive tablets, we needed something that could interface with our printers – and we have found it! It’s still PrinterShare.

PrinterShare makes life simple and for $12.99 you get unlimited simplicity from your Android or iOS powered device – whether you use your phone or your tablet. The nice part about PrinterShare is that it truly is ‘sharable’. If you are still running a laptop for your day to day work, you have a few options available for yourself. The first is to print 100 pages at $4.95 a shot (about a nickel a page). The second is a $9.95 a month subscription fee that allows for unlimited PC printing. So when your road warrior self is out on the town and needing to make sure the office gets instant copies of the invoices, you can simply fire up your tethering program or hotspot and print away. Both options are great, and both will fill a serious void.

PrinterShare server needs to be installed to use the remote feature and it is available free from PrinterShare’s website. The premium software for your mobile device is $12.99 through the Amazon Market or the Market. It is also available for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod and iPad for $4.99 for the premium version or a free trial of 20 pages.




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