PrinterShare Wasn’t Ready For This

When it comes to printing from your Android device, PrinterShare has been at the top of the selections for some time. The $14.99 investment made you able to print a few different formats at first, but recent updates brought Gmail, Docs, PDF’s and more into the fold. It was, for all intents and purposes, a lifeline for business users that needed hard copies of documents from their devices. You simply paid your fee, downloaded the PC software and you were good to go.

Late last year, Google released their ‘cloud print’ service that worked with the device and Chrome and could be set up to print to any computer that was synced to your “G” services. While we had decent results, we still preferred the ease of PrinterShare and still recommend it to everyone asking.

Today, the impossible happened, in that Amazon is giving away PrinterShare premium as their App of the Day. While this is an amazing freebie application and everyone should go get it, the one thing that stood out to us is the download times on the PrinterShare website. Normally, we can log in and download the software in seconds – today, it was almost 30 seconds before the site loaded. It also took nearly three minutes before the software was downloaded. The servers obviously weren’t ready for this influx of customers.

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come for a software program that we love dearly (although can we have a refund since it’s free now? – hey, doesn’t hurt to ask does it?) and a team that gives wonderful support. If the App of the Day continues to kill developers with 100k users that take advantage of the offering and straining their systems, we just might see the end of useful apps being offered. For now, head over to the Amazon App Store and grab PrinterShare – then head to and grab the desktop software for your computer and enjoy the printing!


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