Was 3D Really Just A Gimmick?

Everyone was saying it, many argued against it, but the fact of the matter is, 3D technology in a cell phone never caught on and should be consider a gimmick – at least for now. This is completely evident by the fact that the original EVO4G device is outselling it’s 3D counterpart by an astounding 3 to 1 ratio on most sites. It’s also backed up with 3rd party site pricing that has the EVO4G pinned at $29.99 with contract and the 3D at a whopping $49.99. A $20 difference in devices that were released a year apart is simply bad news for that newbie. In comparison, the original EVO4G was still touting it’s $199 price tag 10 months after it’s release – the 3D, not so much.

Looking at other ‘popular’ 3D devices brings us to the Nintendo 3DS system that saw a 35% price drop worldwide due to poor sales. Now, at two-thirds its original price, it’s beginning to move quickly. 3D Televisions sure were the big news in tech earlier in the year, but either due to the fact that people have no money or they just find them stupid – we never can tell you know – they haven’t been adopted either.

If “everyone” had 3D, an in your face camera on a cellphone would be pretty cool. But without playback methods, 3D for cellphones and smartphones, just doesn’t make sense yet. Order your 3D today and you can send 3D videos to… Wait, almost nobody, because they can’t play them back on a standard device, TV or computer. To this end, we have to agree with the ‘gimmick’ rank.

Now, since we are using the EVO3D as our test dummy here, does this mean you shouldn’t buy one? Not at all… At $50 for a dual-core, monster phone, the 3D is a great player. Just make sure to turn off the 3D camera feature and realize that your 5MP shooter is the compromise for that speed vs. the 8MP on the original 4G. You can pick up either device at www.getsmarphones.info today for $29.99 w/2yr for the Evo4G or $49.99 w/2yr for the Evo3D.


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