Quick Press: A Few Minutes With The 9930


I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes waiting on someone at a local Sprint location this week and found myself in front of the new BlackBerry 9930 from Research In Motion. Having been a BB fan from the Pearl days, I took a few minutes to check out the little bugger.

The build of the device was great. Solid, but not too large or heavy. The keyboard felt solid and had that perfect ‘click’ to the letters. The screen was bright and displayed brilliant colors. Overall, it had me at hello.

Continuing on the hardware end, basically because BB OS 7 seems to be OS 5 repackaged again – but smoother and just a tad bit slicker – see the new BBM features and such on http://www.blackberry.com for more information on that coolness – but the camera was the best performing BB camera we’ve seen yet. The trackpad was also very responsive and easy to use.

We guess we can recommend the 9930 or the entire 9900 series device to anyone that is a communication freak. The keyboard is the fastest around.  The messaging and email features of a BlackBerry are unrivaled. Sure, you don’t have the media experience of a 4.3″ display, but that’s not the market for this device. This one is for the corporate types that want everything coming to them in one tight, perfect package and the 9930 doesn’t disappoint.


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