Quick Review: Samsung Galaxy 10.1


This has been the week of TouchPad this and TouchPad that. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives for those that didn’t swipe up the HP tablet on that amazing clearance. Today, we’ll take a quick peek at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

This won’t be your typical, crank out the specs review, but more of what reasons you might have to buy one.

The first thing to consider with any tablet purchase is why you want one? Different tablets offer different reasons to purchase them over a counterpart. If you’re looking for a media machine, storage and speakers might be what to look for. For business use, a keyboard might be useful. Finally, if you want a traveling entertainment unit, battery life is of the utmost importance.

So, where does the Galaxy 10.1 fit in?

Media Center: The display of the Galaxy is brilliant. The colors are rich and the image is crystal clear. It is a fingerprint magnet and has quite a bit of glare to it under light, but overall it is a pleasure to watch content on.

Battery Life: This is a loaded question with every device. If you are streaming internet video all day, then the battery will not make it long. If you are hitting email and checking Facebook a few times a day, you’ll make it almost a week on a charge. We won’t answer this one for you but based on usage, plan on 3 movies, 15 hours of music or a good day straight of reading ebooks.

Video Recording and Camera: The video capabilities are more than adequate, for both capturing video memories and for use with video chat programs. We’re still of the opinion that if you take photos with your tablet for anything more than an emergency, you might have bigger issues to worry about.

Business Uses: While the Galaxy has no docking station, a simple bluetooth keyboard can be paired quite easily. There is no external USB connectivity, but it makes up for this with a very small package.

Browsing: Tablets are replacing laptops and despite a bit laggy behavior with Flash, the browser rendered almost every page perfectly. There’s no need to worry about mobile views or other phone based browsers here, but some sites won’t let mobile devices accurately show all their content.

Sound System: The speakers on the Galaxy aren’t bad, as a matter of fact 128-192kbps MP3 files sounded pretty good. Keep in mind that audiophiles will likely reject the quality of the speakers, but for compressed audio or a video, they sounded just fine.

Overall: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a great offering. The $499.99 price tag may turn some off, but any great sub-$500 tablet deserves a look. We favor this one for the movie lover and YouTube fanatic because of the great color saturation from the display and the smooth video playback.


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