Too Many Calls To East Coast Cities

With the 5.9 magnitude earthquake striking the eastern seaboard today, calls in and out of most major cities are at a standstill. Dropped calls, unable to reach networks and an unbelievable volume of calls has made reaching friends and loved ones almost impossible in the cities affected by the quake. While no service areas or hardware appeared to be affected by the shake, the volume of incoming and outgoing calls in the metro areas is almost 4 times what it is normally on a Tuesday.

Be patient with the cell providers as they work to route calls as quickly as possible to the affected areas, or heed the advice that Sprint is posting on their Facebook page – Text or Email your family members in the areas as those methods of communication are reaching people faster than calls can.

For east coast users, things should be settling down by later this evening as most people will have checked in with friends and family and traffic should be easing on the lines.

Next up on the summer disaster front appears to be Hurricane Irene, which should be hitting the Florida area Thursday and moving up the coast through Sunday. Carriers are already battening down the hatches on this one, so hopefully service interruptions will be kept to a minimum.


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