Quick Press: Publicly Manufacturers Praise Moto-Goog

First thing in the morning, Google announced their plans to purchase Motorola Mobility. This will obviously give the design of the next 20 Nexus series phones to Motorola, but what about the rest of Android’s manufacturers? What’s left for them?

In the short term, nothing will change. Phones will continue to roll out from HTC, Samsung, LG and many others. Smartphone domination will continue world wide for the little green robot until someone makes a mistake. The patent suits will get settled, the overall picture won’t change. At least for now…

But the bigger picture, the long term picture is much, much different. We’ve already seen Nokia-Soft give up on their Symbian OS that had been #1 in the world for years. We’ve seen Bada from Samsung, though not really complete, it might be an option. But honestly, it looks like we are headed quickly to 3… Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

RIM released their new line of BlackBerry devices today on Verizon to a much over priced feel. $250 is just too blinking much for a decent phone that’s already EOL bases on the fact QNX is already next for them. Sprint supposedly has the same price tag on the 9930 as well.

Samsung Android phones have been riddled with problems ever since the Moment arrived. Sure, they work well most of the time, but ask those Fascinate users about not being able to receive phone calls…

The issue will come down the road with the purchase. It will be when Google is on top of the world, just like Microsoft, Nokia and Apple before it. It will come when the innovating stops. It will come when something new comes along and its from a competitor.

It’s our opinion that top to bottom, HTC manufacturers the most consistent devices on the planet. That doesn’t mean that they make the best phones, just the most consistent products. If HTC aligns with Microsoft again, and really does some magic with Windows Phone, are there any takers on a bet that says Microsoft will have a 50% market share in the next 2 years?

Only time will tell if Google continues to leave Android open and free. Microsoft doesn’t care since they make more money from Android than Windows Phone, for now.

Overall, the manufacturers are praising Google for bolstering their parents and coming to assist them in the Apple suits of the month, but this isn’t the motivation behind the purchase, nor will it be in everyone’s long term interests.


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