Sneak, Sneak, Sprint Adds Premium Fee To BlackBerry Devices


Ever since the fiasco known as the ‘Premium Data Fee’ landed on Sprint devices, the safe haven was the BlackBerry. Unfortunately, it appears the days are over for the discounts for the data conservative devices. Upon signing up for new service in the business section, we found the mention of the BlackBerry Bold with touchscreen simply amazing. What wasn’t so amazing was clicking the link and being directed to the current BlackBerry Bold 9650 – non camera edition.

The 9650 isn’t a bad device, but it’s a far cry from the soon to be 9930 that Sprint will have soon. What is obviously a page marker for the 9930 on Sprint’s business page, the fine print reveals what we all feared – the Premium Fee is coming to RIM devices. We delved deeper into the process to all but confirm that Sprint is no longer allowing BlackBerry devices to be ‘premium free’ devices.

Upon contacting a call center representative, all smartphones are required to have the added data plan except for the Samsung Replenish. This would even include activating a used Palm Pre, HTC Hero, or Windows Mobile device. We will check back to see if this is the case with multiple representatives or if this is just an opinion call.

For now, don’t expect any freebies or exceptions to the rule and make sure you are ready to pony up for those new BlackBerries at the end of the month. That $10 a month adds $240 over the life of that contract, but at $79.99 a month, it’s still a very fine deal for all you BBMer’s.


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