Quick Press: Are Verizon’s LTE Handsets Broken?

Strangely enough, reports have been flying in about issues with the new Verizon Wireless LTE network. Not about the usual outages, data speeds or battery life complaints, but about it actually having a major issue with their hardware.

The reports coming in showed that users all over the US are having data handoff problems when going from a 4G connection to a 3G connection and back. The phone seems to drop the LTE line just fine and head over to EVDO, but then the problem appears. Instead of coming back online with the LTE connection when it becomes available, the device locks and the data line disappears. The lockups appear to be happening on all three LTE phones that Verizon offers and we have confirmed the issue with our Droid Charges and Thunderbolts.

As we said, we have confirmed the issue with multiple devices, from multiple manufacturers, in multiple areas. We have reached out to Verizon for a comment on the issue. As soon as we receive an official statement on the situation, we will report it.

For now, the only options users appear to have is to turn off the 4G data connection and run 3G data only or to plan on having to battery pull your device when the data lock occurs.


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  1. d-square86 says:

    My Droid Charge is broken, dropping data connection for no reason. All of these do this same thing and I am pissed off at VZW for selling me **** like this.

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