Kroger’s iWireless Serving Up Device Deals


If you live in a market that offers Kroger’s iWireless service are you in for a treat. A flat $99.99 will get you a sporty Sanyo Zio or the old standby HTC Hero. For about 3000 pennies more, you can land an LG Optimus S.

The iWireless network is powered by Sprint and is available in many markets throughout the United States. The basic plan starts at $5 a month and includes 10¢ minutes and outgoing texting. Incoming texts are free. Stepping up to the $25 plan gets you 200 minutes, unlimited messages and 200MB of data. If you are one of those monster voice users, the $60 plan includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2.5GB of data.

While these aren’t quite the snazzy hardware and minute deals that Virgin Mobile is offering at the moment, it’s still a heck of a deal. Plus with the bonus of shopping at Kroger store for free minutes, these actually can work out to be a great value.


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  1. Robin says:

    The Basic Plan is advertised at 20 cents per minute/text sent with no monthly fee. However, all plans including this and the 10-cent per minute plan require a minimum purchase of $20 every 90 days for the account to remain active and not forfeit any remaining money or minutes. This results in an effective monthly charge of about $7/mo for the Basic Plan including fees and taxes. Not quite as simple or inexpensive as i-wireless claims.

    1. This is true, but honestly all the prepaid plans have some expiration date to the balances. Take the Red Pocket Mobile pay by the minute plan. You can purchase a $100 PIN that will last 365 days or 1000 minutes. That works out to $8.33 a month if you use none of the minutes over the course of the year. Of course, if you purchase in January and don’t use any minutes the entire year, you still have that $100 balance in December of the same year. You haven’t lost it, you just will lose it if you don’t activate another card or PIN.

  2. Lewis C. Magers says:

    Has anyone gotten this phone yet?

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