Sprint To Open TEP For All Devices During August


Carrying around a $600 device without a safety net is no fun at all. Deciding on whether it’s worth $8 a month extra for not-so-great insurance is even tougher. Fortunately, for those that missed out on the purchase in the 1st 30 days of ownership can get a mulligan from Sprint during the month of August.

Sprint is simply saying, “We really want to insure your device, and will do it for anything you are carrying right now.” You’re still looking at the whopping $8 a month fee (or $192 over a 24 month contract) but one little incident will cover that pretty easily.

Sprint’s TEP program covers mechanical or electrical failure, routine maintenance, and failure from normal wear and tear. The program also includes access to an application to find, lock, wipe and restore your device at no additional charge.

With the days where a non-contract phone for $100 disappearing quickly, insurance on a device actually makes a bit more sense than it used to. Of course, if your new Motorola drops in the pool, you can replace it with a certified BlackBerry 9630 for $99.99.


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