Verizon Pushes Netflix App On Twitter – Forgets To Mention Data Caps?

This morning Verizon Wireless blasted out a Tweet for the entire world to see touting the availability of the new Netflix App on their Droid series phones.

Hey @netflix fans, #netflix app is now on more #verizon wireless #android phones: Droid Charge, Droid 3, Droid X2
The tweet was met with a bevy of responses, mostly blasting the carrier for pushing this out after the cap on data plans became official – and almost as many directed at Netflix for releasing it after announcing the ‘double charge’ that is going in to effect for streaming and DVD rentals.
Reactions to Big Red and their capped plans has been harsh, despite the carrier’s song and dance about grandfathering in all existing users to unlimited data. We’ve all been down that road before and the next time you upgrade your device, don’t expect to get that unlimited deal.
For now, we beg these carriers to stop pushing these data hungry services if they are going to continue to charge more for the services needed to run them. Forget pushing Pandora, Netflix and Hulu+ if you can’t give a break on pricing. Maybe it’s time to go back to the days of Vcast TV and charging a flat subscription rate to access it.

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