Battle Of The Cloud…

So the major phone platforms all have it, but which ones really work the best? Cloud storage is getting to be a crazy experience right now. Apple’s iCloud is coming this fall with the release of iOS5. Microsoft’s Skydrive is already up and running and Android seems to be wandering around wondering which service it wants to use. Google+ might be the answer to Android’s woes, but with the options available, Android is far from hurting in the cloud department.

Apple’s iCloud is the only service that syncs across your devices. Your iPhone photos instantly upload and share to your iPad and iMac. Your documents from your iMac at work, instantly move with you on the road. It’s 5GB free account should provide adequate storage for most users, considering your Photo Stream and purchases don’t count against that number.

Microsoft, on the other hand, seems to like things – well, bigger. The free 25GB Skydrive allows you instant access to your Office docs, photos, and just about any other file type can be added to your 25GB’s and downloaded anywhere. While it’s not the instant sync that Apple offers, it can be a bit more friendly for those data restrictive plans that carriers are moving to.

Google is all over the place with cloud services. Google+ seems to be where they are all ending up though. Picasa has been around forever, and works well with most Android devices for images. Google Docs runs separately and Gmail links everything together. You have a choice for video services in YouTube or Google Video and Picasa can help out there too. It’s just a crazy mess of cloudiness with a free GB and a whopping $5 to purchase 20 more. Amazon offers their free chunk via online apps and Dropbox and Zumodrive also have great apps for your device.

So, which one wins the battle? Right now, Skydrive and Windows Phone is the best option in our opinion. While it takes a bit of work to get it all together, the online capabilities are wonderful and the storage space is huge. Apple should take over the ease of use department with iOS5 and iCloud, plus 5GB is plenty when you don’t work your Photo Stream into that number, so look for our decision to change this fall – unless Mango and Windows 7 do something really special for Microsoft’s service offering?



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