T-Mobile Hides Costs Behind Full Priced Hardware

We know what you’re going to say already, what a headline, right? Well, we are waiting patiently for the new pricing plans to officially roll out from T-Mobile USA, but from the sounds of it, they are playing with the consumer’s minds on this one. The company announced that they will be offering, “Overage free, family oriented data plans starting at $49.99 per line for 2 lines” with an additional $15 per month per device fee for something like the My Touch 4G slide. While this seems like a deal and a half, it’s really just half a deal.

To break it down quickly – let’s look at the 2 line cost on this one:

T-Mobile: $99.98 gets you the unlimited plan with 2GB of unthrottled data and another $30 gets you 2 phones. $129.98 total.

Sprint: $129.99 gets you the unlimited plan with 1500 min and unlimited data for $129.99 a month – unless you want a ‘good phone’ in which case you are going to be set out an additional $20. That makes it $149.99 a month.

Sprint has arguably the best price in town, and in our opinion, the act of charging $15 additional per month for a device is almost as bad as Sprint adding the ‘premium data fee’ to smartphones instead of just raising the price. It’s yet another method of making the plan look cheaper than it really is.

Honestly, cell companies would do much better to just sell the devices at a $100 discount from retail and let us decide when and where we want to move. A $500 phone costs $300 out the door and requires a 2 year deal – then you get that rebate that puts a $100 back in the old pocket. How about we go with a $500 phone costing $400 out the door with no commitment and how about a discount on the service for every month you stay?

T-Mobile, we like the idea here, but the tactics are just downright scary. To tell people they get 2 lines for $100 – but it costs you an extra $30 a month to get phones to use, it’s just not right. Just go back to doing it right and build the device cost back into the plan like everyone else. Get rid of the smoke and mirrors and get back to selling your good service.


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