We’ve Waited An Eternity For This One

Photo by HTC Inside - http://www.htcinside.com

HTC has officially broken the mold, tossed the baby out with the bathwater and frankly, destroyed public opinion on what a ‘big’ phone is. Hot off the heels of the 4.5″ Samsung offering, HTC throws their ginormous device caution to the wind with the Windows Phone powered Eternity. The 4.7″ screen is rocking a size that makes it dangerously close to a tablet, all while remaining very pocketable.

While this report comes to us via HTC Inside, a German HTC info site, there are a large number of HTC followers hoping that this device makes a statement overseas and is released in the US before long. The device itself continues the pattern of Windows Phone 7 devices to date with a 800×480 WVGA Super LCD display, 1.5 Ghz single-core Snapdragon processor and a beefy 1650mAh battery. It also is the first device that we’ve seen with a front facing camera for WP7. It compliments it all with the same 8MP camera that is featured in the Evo and Thunderbolt.

The final specs for the device aren’t known for sure, and pricing and availability are a shot in the dark as well. For now, it looks like an international release, probably on European carriers first, and depending on the success of the device in those channels, a US release would be probable on T-Mobile or AT&T. With Verizon and Sprint still running CDMA technology for voice calls, a variant might find it’s way to them, but it’s far from assured.

Look for the amazing HTC Eternity in a T-Mobile store soon – and trust us, from the size of this screen, it’s going to be hard to miss!


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