Rumorsville: Verizon Changing The Rules?

The early reports from Verizon Wireless stated that existing users of their Unlimited Data plan would be grandfathered in to their $29.99 plan as long as they don’t let their contracts lapse or become deliquent on their bill.

After a brief exchange with a sales executive with Verizon, it appears that this may not be the case. “Users that are currently on the unlimited plan may keep their existing plan until they upgrade, change plans or add additional lines to their plan.”

This means that users that are currently running the $29.99 plan will not be able to keep their unlimited plan when they upgrade devices after the 7th of July.

We are working on getting an official comment from Verizon Wireless on this issue, but until then we are sticking to our representatives statement and saying that the grandfathered status will only apply to users that do not upgrade.


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