Editorial: Is WiMax Really Slow? (Updated)

Ok, so there we go. The talk at BGR, which is being spewed all over the Internet, says Sprint has inked a deal to make the jump to LTE using Lightsquared’s new network.

First off, let me say I think this is a horrible rumor that makes very little sense for Sprint to be involved in. Second, I don’t think there is any truth to the rumors. And finally, if this is true, I think that this move will be the end of Sprint, Clear and the hundreds of minor carriers around the US.

Sprint doesn’t need to worry about transitioning their network yet and should continue to place their resources behind the WiMax powered data path. Sure LTE is more flexible, offers faster data rates and will probably become the standard soon enough, but Sprint and Clear can transition their hardware to LTE in a very quick change, at a minimal expense, when they need to.

Clear has already done backhaul switching in Phoenix and successfully tested LTE technology on their lines. The results were a faster and more powerful network than Verizon’s and better coverage than AT&T.

For now, I’m rocking my 9+ mbps down and 1.4mbps up Evo and loving the Sprint network. And a quick note for those that aren’t. You can grab the Evo4G in Black or White for $89.99 or preorder the Evo3D for $179.99 from http://www.getsmartphones.info today.

UPDATE:  The EVO 4G in White and Black are both FREE at http://www.getsmartphones.info – we don’t know how long this price will be good for, so get yours today!


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