Netflixing on Android!

Well, it took a long time coming, but the wait is over for Android devices. In the market is the official Netflix App with full queue management and – VIEWING!

The monster screen devices have always been in the top of the class in video viewing with their amazing 800×480 screens or better. What was lacking in the Android camp was major player software from Netflix, Hulu or other online provider that could utilize that real estate. Fortunately, the hero’s at Netflix have finally come through.

The opening management screen is very straight forward, with quick clicks to popular films that fill your “Top Picks” and Past Views. You can also manage your queue of instant views and DVD subscriptions from the App.

The viewing experience itself is first class. The software does a great job of handling the resolution of the videos. The 800×480 format seems to be the resolution choice of Netflix for their mobile app.

The images are crystal clear and flow very well. Over Wi-Fi we experienced zero voice to image lag. Over indoor 3G, the quality dropped and there were some issues, but it was still more than adequate for basic viewing. TV Episodes are probably going to be the most popular choice for the viewing public. The TV selection is great and by skipping forward and backward, the videos load quickly and the buffer time is minimal.

Overall, the free app does an amazing job of providing another reason why phones like the HTC EVO should still be at the top of your cellphone wish list. Our online store has EVO is in-stock and ready to ship to your door with FREE shipping today. Purchase yours now with FREE shipping and try it for 14 days. If you aren’t happy, we will even cover the shipping back!

Purchase your EVO in black now at GetSmartphones.Info at an amazing $184.99 or choose the super popular white version with from for the $149.99.


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