Why You Should Install All The Free Apps From The Amazon Appstore

We’ve been stalking the Amazon Appstore since day one with all their wonderful freebie apps coming day after day. While a ‘Free App A Day’ sounds wonderful, eventually, your poor phone is going to get crushed under the weight of all those apps. Free is still free though, and that is a hard price to beat for programs that usually cost $3 or $5 each.

Still, the device only has so much storage space, and the more you use, the more sluggish your phone gets. Fortunately, we found a super secret, well maybe not so secret, but an amazingly cool trick. The first part of this trick is to realize that Amazon “bills” you for your “purchase” of your apps. The free app of the day is no exception to this rule. Once you purchase your free app, you will receive a receipt. This receipt works just like a purchase at the regular Market, where you can easily access your transaction again

What this means to you, the end user, is that you can reinstall any app that you ‘purchase’ from Amazon via the “My Downloads” page at anytime. Yes, that is correct. If you uninstall one of those apps, all you need to do is log back in to the Appstore App and reinstall it – for free.

The Amazon store doesn’t feature the selection that the Android Market does, but with a free installable/uninstallable app coming everyday, this app is a must have for every owner. The best part about the Appstore is that you don’t even have to finish the install on the app for the first time to save the ‘purchase’. If you click on the daily link, you simply complete the purchase and choose to “cancel” instead of installing the app after downloading.

So head on over to the Appstore at Amazon.com and get your free apps for as long as they are offering them, whether you think you need them or not.


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  1. Lekt says:

    What happens if you uninstall the Appstore itself ?
    If you reinstall it (for example on another phone) can you get back all those apps ?

    1. The beauty of the Amazon App Store or even the Android Market is that the paid apps follow you from device to device – when compatible. By ‘purchasing’ the free app of the day, you enable this app to be stored in your Amazon digital folder online. That means if you register a new device, you can download the paid apps again free of charge. As an added bonus, you don’t even need to use your device to get the free app of the day ‘paid’ for on Amazon. You can go to Amazon.com, select Android Appstore from the menu and purchase the app from your computer. When you go back into the Appstore on the device, you will see that you have new apps available in the My Applications section.

      Since the apps themselves are linked back to your Amazon account – not the phone or your provider – you can always reinstall them. If you change devices, Amazon requires you to unlink the first device before linking up a new one. If you are just reinstalling them to your same device, just reinstall the Appstore app and you should find your purchase history under the ‘My Apps’ tab when you press the menu button.

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