Short Supply Drives iPad2 Prices Higher On Reseller Sites

There is always an upside to major product shortages, not for the end user, but for the ones that have the product and are willing to sell it. The inventory shortages of the iPad2 have created a frenzy on third party sites like Craigslist and Ebay.

Ebay is reporting the average selling price of the 16GB Wi-Fi model is $198 over the $499 retail pricing. The prices only get worse from there with the 64GB Wi-Fi/3G model going for a whopping $1235 average. This not only shows the ability to turn a profit on the devices like the iPad after they are released, but also that the public wants things faster than Apple can deliver.

What this means for Apple is lost revenue and very unhappy customers. With the device fetching a premium online, there will be more and more people standing in line to get them to resell on those sites for a tidy profit. This will continue to create the product shortage for sometime, unless Apple can ramp up performance and get the resellers under control.

For now, unless you have to have one today, we suggest hanging tight and waiting for your local store to get them in. You never know the condition of used items online and really can never know if you have a ‘real’ Apple iPad2 or a stripped out clone.


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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi there, have you guys checked out the Grabbit2 for iPad2?
    Go to the fundraiser page and take advantage of their unbeatable offer by end of the week:
    -It has a thermoplastic hardshell for the iPad2 with a rotatable leather handle. And a hardcover for the screen.
    – they even have this clip where you can use it like a monitor-stand or to hang your iPad on the wall.
    – you guys got to hurry, deadline is in 6 days

  2. Sydney says:

    Very helpful, thank you for sharing.

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