5 Minute App Review: Coin Pirates

Coin Pirates from Nubee games is quite the mix of strategy and carinval like fun. The premise for the game is rather simple – launch your coins down to the ‘playing area’ where the ‘pusher’ shoves them off the end of the ‘deck’ and you collect them.

The overall goal is to complete the map by unlocking treasures and collections. You find the treasures and collection items by dropping your coins into the ‘slot machine’ inserts on the pusher. Once a coin is dropped in to the insert, the reels begin to spin. If you get three matching items on the wheel, the item is dropped on to the deck. If you are lucky enough to push it off the end, before it falls off the side, you get that treasure item added to your collections.

It’s a simple concept game, and overall is a great way to kill that time on that long commute, provided you aren’t driving. It brings all the fun of Vegas slots, the county fair and tosses in a bit of pirate excitement and rolls it all in to one tight little package. This game is a must have, although we look forward to a paid version since we absolutely despise those rolling ads that eat our battery during play, for anyone looking for something besides Angry Birds to entertain themselves. Our only complaint is that it can get old fast, if it doesn’t hook you first…

Coin Pirates: 3.5 our of 5  -  Free (ad supported) in the Android Market or Amazon Appstore


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