Rumorsville: “Spec Sheet” Shows Samsung Shipping Qualcomm Dragon In Galaxy Line

In a very strange, and almost unbelievable report, various news sources are reporting that the newest Samsung Galaxy S line phones will be featuring Qualcomm’s MSM8255T processor. While this in itself isn’t ground shattering news, the fact that Samsung is abandoning one of the reasons the Galaxy S line performed so well, certainly would be.

The Galaxy S line featured the Samsung 1.0Ghz Hummingbird processor. The graphics processing unit were vastly superior to everything else on the market at the time of release. If Samsung couldn’t come up with something newer, better or faster than this by now, maybe their days as an industry leader are over?

The new Qualcomm processor that is leaked on the spec sheet is the same processor that is be available in the HTC Inspire and Desire HD.

Of course, we have to take all of this with a grain of salt given today is April 1st and even the wiki entry shows the quoted source as a tech blog and not a spec sheet. Our bet is that this information is totally, 100%, without a doubt bogus since the “Samsung Russia” site that every blog is pointing to is a “Page Cannot Be Found” error at this address:

We’d look for Samsung to clear the air quickly about if they are using Qualcomm products or not, especially since the only devices they have in rotation using the dragon’s are their Windows Phone 7 devices. Although, with Qualcomm already approved for the new Android DRM license for Netflix, maybe Samsung doesn’t have the bugs quite worked out enough to miss a launch date? 


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